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We have many contacts, wedding planners, corporate companies, pubs and clubs, holiday camps, cruise ships and many more clients, that we are always looking to book good acts for work throughout the UK and EEC countries.

How we work is by not charging you anything for promotion, all we do is charge you 15% per booking fee and before we book you we ask you, confirm the price and once agreed we take the booking. You will be paid ont he evening or at the event you attend, by the client or by us by bank transfer. Your 15% fee will be deducted from the price we agree with you on booking. We will always endeavour to to get you the best possible booking fee.

What we would need from you in order to promote you:

1.   We need 10-15 full tracks of you or your band sent to us by email, these will be cut down to 1 min tracks and used on our
      website to show a selection of your songs.

2.   We would need as many good quality photos of you playing or portraits so our clients can see how smart you are and how
      you look on stage, so the more you send, the more chance you have but please, we do not want tour advertising all over

3.   Song lists that you sing or play, again this helps sell you to a wedding or large corporate event.

4.   A bit about you or your band and what you do, 2 x 45 or 1 hour, 3 hours etc. and prices, so we do not waste our time or
      yours and where you will travel. We do pay mileage allowance after 50 miles, again agreed before booking.

5.   Contact details: web address, email address, home address and phone numbers so we can contact you. (If these change
      you must let us know)

You will be responsible for paying your own tax and we do try to pay cash where and when possible.

Should you wish to let us promote you please email all the above requirements, using the link below and we will do our best
for you.  



Steve's Entertainments - 07769 514825